Yoruba Day in London: A brief insight

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Yoruba culture and tradition has arguably been acclaimed as one of the best culture when juxtaposed with others around the world.

Little wonder why scholars around the world clamors in intellectual groups to study the wealth of excellence that this culture projects / carry.

History has revealed that, shortly before the time before colonization, there were over 400 years of unwritten Yoruba cultural history still remain unfound. Despite this, apart from Its homeland in Southwestern Nigeria and the adjoining parts of Benin and Togo, Yoruba culture and tradition continue to gain prominence in strategic locations around the world: including in Brazil, Trinidad and Tobago,  to mention but a few.

Scholarly ensured research has shown that; it is not impossible that a rich culture and tradition like ours, stands the risk of been lost forever, in the exuberance of western civilization and globalism, if care is not taken.

Therefore, we have taken a giant step in ensuring that the zeal, zest and alacrity with which this rich culture is meant to be practicalized regains its momentum.

Ogbeni Ola Ogundiran a.k.a Omo-Oodua, in conjunction with Prestige TV UK and with support of BEN TV UK. A Black and Ethnic oriented, urban, diverse and cosmopolitan Family Channel, has taken it upon themselves to organize one of the biggest Yoruba Cultural Symposium in the western world, tagged: ‘’ Yoruba in Diaspora Day’’..

This mega event will take place in London United Kingdom and will feature, among many others: fashionable cultural display of Yoruba Culture and Tradition. It promises a symposium which will greatly display the cultural heritage of the Yoruba People, such as its Music, Folks, Dances, Dressing, Games, Greetings, to mention but a few.

The programs will also give it participants the chance of hearing, first hand, from elders of Yoruba land and scholars form Nigeria and all around the globe.

The initiative is undoubtedly a giant step in promoting the cultural and traditional heritage of Yoruba tradition all over and around the world.  It is believed that a stage of this sort would go a long way to enlighten younger generation of their rich cultural background and remind the older ones of how the culture actually looked.

Please plan to attend and tell your friends about it